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Learn about the use of DCN devices in the construction of an Ethernet network.

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What Is a Redundant Power Supply?


... and why do we need it? The redundant power supply is a kind of power supply used in the switch... more

Take control of your data


CS6510-48S6Q-HI-R3 is the third revision of the switch with one of the key features - redundance. more



4th July 2021 we took part in the conference in Uherské Hradiště in the Czech Republic. We would like to thank all the participants of this event for interesting... more

The perfect transfer for your network


The perfect transfer for your network. A new player on the DCN team - S4600-52X-SI more

Case study - FIFA U-20 World Cup


In cooperation with the contractors of the stadium project, Polish company Salumanus designed and launched an IT network based on the DCN LAN and wi-fi solutions delivered by themselves. more

New Generation WiFi6


Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard of wireless connectivity technology and ensures performance in the most demanding environments, the quality of network connection using the IEEE 802.11ax is also satisfactory... more

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Access to the Internet is no longer a surprise or a great challenge in public places. Currently, we use access to the global Internet network in places of entertainment, restaurants... more



In response to the growing market needs for faster transmission within access devices, we present a new solution: S5750M-30X-P-SI switch. more

New S4200-10P-PL-SI


New S4200-10P-PL-SI is now available. DCN S4200-SI (R2) series are cost-effective GbE standalone devices. more

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  • • IP Source Guard provides layer 2 IP filtering to prevent impersonation of an unauthorized host using the IP address of the authenticated host. This feature uses dynamic DHCP snooping and static input of the source IP address.
  • •DHCP Snooping, prevents DHCP attacks and illegal DHCP server by setting up trust ports and unused ports. By enabling DHCP Snooping binding and option 82, you can combine modules such as dot1x and ARP, or independently implement user access control.
  • • Access control lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to sensitive network resources by filtering packets and forwarding to established policies. A user-defined ACL list provides more flexible access control for users.
  • • DCN switches support much more L2 security features, such as ARP protection, ARP scanning, and other ARP and MAC security technologies to protect network security and reliability.
  • • Access control based on IEEE 802.1X ports, providing all users with authorization before accessing the network. User authentication is performed using a RADIUS server.
  • • Advanced administration of DCN switches. Network solutions configured using a well-known command line interface (CLI) or an easy-to-use Web graphics interface
  • • Monitoring network traffic using sFlow or SNMP protocols
  • • DCN switches support 4 Gigabit ports as uplinks, which can work as redundant links that support various ring protection functions, effectively increasing scalability and network performance.
  • • G.8032 (ERPS) with the switchover time of the 50ms network structure provides protection in the event of a connection failure and the retrieval of L2 traffic in the ring topology. Switches support G.8032 v2 and can be implemented in a variety of complex network topologies, including a single ring, tangent ring or intersecting rings.
  • • The Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) allows you to enter many logical network topologies - instances to which many VLANs can be assigned - which results in redundant and stable transmission in the Ethernet network.
  • • MRPP is a proprietary protocol of the DCN company offering ring protection. Compared to the STP protocol, it has faster convergence (50ms), a simple algorithm, lower cost of system resources used etc. which improves network reliability
  • • Multicast VLAN Register (MVR) enables efficient distribution of mutlicast streams for IPTV in layer 2 and reduce the bandwidth consumed by this traffic. If hosts in many VLANs request the same multicast stream, it is distributed to specific VLANs.
  • • DCN switches offer the use of the IGMP Snooping function, which prevents flooding, thus transferring multicast traffic only to associated ports.
  • • By using the IGMP Proxy configuration working together with IGMP Snooping, IGMP communication on the network is reduced.
  • • The Virtual Switch Framework (VSF) can connect multiple DCN switches into one logical device, sharing information tables and data between different switches. Thanks to the use of this functionality, the devices in the stack have increased efficiency and the number of ports. VSF technology is also characterized by simplified management and greater operational reliability
  • • Thanks to 8 queues per port, switches allow for different classification of up to 8 types of traffic. The traffic is determined in accordance with the priority of IEEE802.1p, DSCP, IP and the TCP / UDP port number, ensuring optimal performance of real-time applications such as voice and video.
  • • DCN switches also support bidirectional rate limitation, on every port or traffic class, prevent congestion and allow full control of network resources.
  • • DCN switches are equipped with a wide range of Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) functions, such as PIM-DM, PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, and even MSDP.
  • • Thanks to the PIM function of the router, the switch can act as a proxy server for multicast traffic. Thanks to it, having many TV clients, we can limit the amount of traffic coming from the operator.
  • • The CS6200 series provide efficient Layer 3 switches.
  • • RIP, OSPF and BGP provide dynamic routing by exchanging route information with other layer 3 switches and routers.
  • • Customers can easily achieve policy-based routing (PBR) based functionality, which is important when they need multiple output applications.
  • • DCN switches for the highest performance support IPv6 routing, which is implemented in the hardware.