XVII Light Days: 800G and Beyond

The XVII DAYS OF LIGHT conference, focusing on optical network disaggregation, coherent modulation, and reducing infrastructure maintenance costs, will be held on October 23, 2024, at the Novotel Warsaw Centrum.

This annual event brings together telecommunications and data centre operators, featuring technology presentations and a panel discussion with leading telco and DC representatives from Poland.

“The numbers are relentless. Operators earn less per Gbit from customers, necessitating solutions to optimize infrastructure investments. Wave multiplexing systems, coherent modulation, and open networks offer such potential,” says Marcin Bała, CEO of Salumanus, the event organizer.

The agenda includes sessions on Alien Lambda technology, IP-over-DWDM systems, and universal optical modules by GBC Photonics. The main partner DCN Europe will present on Wi-Fi and LAN setup in hospitality and healthcare. A session will also address future optical transmission challenges, such as introducing 1.6T, 3.2T, and 6.4T modules, and debunking open network myths.

Inspired by mountaineering, this edition emphasizes the need for openness, discipline, and continuous advancement in optical networks. “As we approach the 800G limit, we’re already thinking about doubling or tripling that capacity,” says Bała.

Participation is free for Salumanus partners. Check the agenda and register here: