Case study - Energylandia park

Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland that offers dozens of attractions for all age groups: children, teenagers and adults.


The park is situated on the area of 35 hectares and is divided into 5 theme zones with about 80 attractions such as roller-coasters, carousels, playgrounds, lots of extreme fun facilities, as well as restaurants, snack bars, souvenir shops and theatres with live performances several times a day.

Since 2016 a water park has been operating in the complex and in the forthcoming season 2020 a new Aqualantis zone will be open to the public. In 2018 the Park was visited by 1.4 and in 2019 by 1.6 mln people, which means that the whole infrastructure must function as smoothly as a Swiss watch. On top days, the total number of visitors to the park is well over a dozen thousand people whose safety is monitored by an army of surveillance cameras. This is another component of this huge enterprise which requires a stable and efficient network.

The management of the network infrastructure lies in the hands of Base System, a company which since 2017 has been a partner of Salumanus Sp. z o.o. an exclusive distributor of DCN network products in Poland. All this huge network infrastructure ‘pulsates with life’ thanks to DCN solutions: beginning from a car park surveillance system, through a ticket offices system, a gate control system, information and audio-visual systems, systems in snack bars and restaurants and ending with access to wireless network.
Currently (in March 2020) there are over 260 network switches and a vast WiFi system operating in the park area. The network infrastructure is based on S4600, S5750E, CS6200 solutions and also on the core solution: CS6510. All the traffic flow between the switches scattered in the park is carried on an optical circuit and most locations have redundant optical paths. The network which facilitates the connection of CCTV or VoIP also includes PoE switches, so while sitting in Hyperion or Mayan roller-coasters bear in mind that the whole park runs efficiently thanks to DCN network switches.