DCN Europe at 16th Dni Światła conference 

Cloud solutions, managed Wi-Fi service, and testing new devices on the network – these are the three main topics explored by DCN Europe experts during the XVI edition of Dni Światła on 17th October in Warsaw.

In the opening address of the conference, Jarosław Gorczowski, CEO of DCN Europe, emphasized that the WiFi 6 technology is not threatened by 5G. In fact, both technologies work together and are compatible with each other, rather than competing. 

Based on WiFi technologies, attractive business options are emerging, such as Managed Wi-Fi services. This topic was the subject of a presentation by Jarosław Gorczowski and Jan Kołodziej, Sales Director at DCN Europe. Sectors such as HoReCa (hotels and catering), banking, management of sports facilities, health institutions, and logistics are particularly interested in these solutions. More and more often, WiFi network management is outsourced, indicating a growing trust in this form of service. 

In another speech, Jarosław Gorczowski presented a solution designed for cloud solutions, which are a novelty in DCN Europe’s offer. “Our tool offers a range of features, such as the ability to determine the maximum number of network users or portal configurations. All of this happens in a hierarchical system where each client and their locations are properly organized,” explained the head of DCN Europe. 

Meanwhile, Grzegorz Róż, Director of Network Products, and Grzegorz Banach, Brand Manager of DCN Europe, introduced a system for testing new equipment in the operator’s network. “Technological changes mean that modern devices are more advanced and energy-efficient, which can be a catalyst for infrastructure replacement. It is crucial that newly implemented devices are compatible with the current infrastructure. We offer support in the form of technical documentation, specifications, and comparisons with competitive solutions to make it easier for you to choose the right solution,” they argued. 

The XVI edition of Dni Światła is a conference for specialists in the telco and data center industry organized by Salumanus and DCN Europe. During the eight lectures, topics related to greater bandwidth and energy savings in networks were discussed. The panel debate was attended by representatives of the largest telecoms in Poland: Orange, Netia and the Play Group.