About Us

We trigger the development of telecommunication networks in Europe.

About DCN Europe

We trigger the development of telecommunication networks in Europe.

DCN Europe has been founded to speed up the development of innovative telecommunication networks in all countries in Europe.

We support our clients in the design and implementation of the most innovative solutions.

Our clients matter to us, so we take steps to provide them with a holistic service which includes both pre- and after-sales support and also technical assistance.

We focus on network stability and security

The devices from our portfolio have a wide range of functionalities and meet the latest security standards. Our devices have been designed to best satisfy the clients’ needs and they meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality requirements.

Find what you need in our portfolio

In our portfolio you will find a wide range of network solutions. DCN devices can be used both in private and public sectors, in small, medium and large enterprises.

That's how we started!

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Brand quality

DCN network devices are installed across Europe in many private enterprises and public institutions including hospitals, schools, sport and leisure facilities
and government buildings. Since 2017,over 300 DCN Ethernet switches have been provided to Energylandia, the largest amusement park in central Europe,
and the neighbouring Western Camp theme village. In 2019, almost 2000 DCN Ethernet switches were installed in 2000 schools in Poland as part of the
ITU-award-winning National Educational Network Project (OSE) to provide them with access to free, fast and safe Internet.

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