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New hardware revisions

New hardware revisions

After 1 January 2018, new hardware revisions of the models will be introduced.
S5750E-28X-SI -> S5750E-28X-SI (R2)
S5750E-28X-P-SI -> S5750E-28X-P-SI (R2)
S5750E-52X-SI -> S5750E-52X-SI (R2)
In the S5750E series, the changes concern the chipset, and hence the expansion of the scope of functionality as well as the hardware performance.
CS6200-28X-EI -> CS6200-28X-EI (R2)
CS6200-28X-P-EI -> CS6200-28X-P-EI (R2)
In the CS6200 series, changes apply to power supplies that are built-in in revision 2.0.