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Choose your color

Access to the Internet is no longer a surprise or a great challenge in public places. Currently, we use access to the global Internet network in places of entertainment, restaurants and public places such. Schools, universities and campuses constitute are a separate group. We have many options for providing access to the network, starting from various variants of wired access, through the technology of mobile networks and ending with the very popular in these days Wi-Fi technology. The latter has been massively popularized by many devices that we use in everyday activities, in particular by the omnipresent smartphones.
We do not even think often that it is thanks to many devices that are invisible for us, when we click the icon on the display, we can say: "I have the Internet". Focusing on Wi-Fi technology, the closest gateway device to a Internet network is an access point. Sometimes we do not even know where the access point is located. Sometimes we place it in such a spot that it simply does not pay attention to themselves (which may adversely affect the propagation of the radio signal) or we want that this device will not to be visible, but we consciously take care of the best possible propagation of the signal. How to reconcile it, since the best place to place it is a ceiling or a relatively high wall, so that access is not blocked by obstacles such as furniture or wardrobes? There is a way to do it. To blend the device into the surrounding environment, we allow our customers to order access points in several additional color variants (e.g. black/red/green/blue). With using the modern technologies, housings of DCN access points - which like most of the devices available on the market, are only available in white color - are covered with appropriately selected color coating. Devices prepared in this way do not affect the aesthetics of the rooms (e.g. in museums, palaces etc.), where they are also increasingly being installed. An example of such implementation is the project of Wi-Fi network in Orientarium in Łódź city, under which we delivered access points in black color. In the opinion of our client and users, the devices perfectly fit into the decor of the rooms, becoming almost invisible, while providing reliable access to Wi-Fi network.